A Spotlight on What’s New in Healthcare Code Compliance.

Healthcare Compliance Updates – March 2022

ACCREDITATION UPDATES   New Emergency Management Program Required for July 2022 As discussed earlier in Cohan Healthcare Compliance Updates; December 2021, the Joint Commission (TJC) has developed new standards for the Emergency Management (EM) Chapter which are based on the “all hazards approach” to emergency preparedness. Due to the pandemic, the primary goal stated by
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Healthcare Compliance Updates – February 2022

ACCREDITATION UPDATES   Surveyors to Focus On Immediate Threat to Health and Safety Hazards The Joint Commission (TJC) surveyors have been identifying more Immediate Threat to Health and Safety (ITHS) hazards during the recent cycles of the accreditation process. The TJC defines an ITHS “as a threat that represents immediate risk and has or may
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Healthcare Compliance Updates – January 2022

ACCREDITATION UPDATES New, Revised, and Deleted 2022 Physical Environment The New Year always brings the excitement of change to the Joint Commission (TJC) Standards for the Physical Environment Chapters of the accreditation manual. This year is no exception, with new, revised, and deleted requirements reflected in the Elements of Performance (EP) for the Environment of
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Healthcare Compliance Updates – December 2021

ACCREDITATION UPDATES   CMS Review of New TJC Emergency Management Standards In the December edition of its EC News, the Joint Commission’s (TJC) announced that new Emergency Management (EM) Standards for Hospital and Critical Access Hospitals are under review by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for survey as soon as July 2022.
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Healthcare Compliance Updates – November 2021

ACCREDITATION UPDATES   FGI to Release Updated Guidelines for 2022 Sometime in early 2022, the Facility Guideline Institute (FGI) will release the four-year update to the Guidelines for Design and Construction. Although the document is referred to as a “guideline,” it is considered a requirement for many state and accreditation organizations for the design and
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Healthcare Compliance Updates – October 2021

ACCREDITATION SURVEY UPDATES   TJC to Increase Focus on Workplace Violence Healthcare organizations are reporting an increase in workplace violence events, partially a result of the impact of the pandemic. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) identifies workplace violence “as any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior
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Healthcare Compliance Updates – September 2021

ACCREDITATION SURVEY UPDATES   Selecting the Correct Portable Fire Extinguisher Selecting the proper portable fire extinguisher for protecting patients, staff, and visitors is extremely important. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers, found in NFPA 10-2010 Chapter 5, provides this information which is a part of The Joint Commission (TJC) accreditation
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Healthcare Compliance Updates – July 2021

ACCREDITATION UPDATES   Determining a Safe Environment: Necessity for an Environmental Tour Program In the past, “environmental tours” were required semi-annually for patient care spaces, and annually for non-patient care spaces to evaluate the risks in the internal environment. Fortunately, requirements for the tour and frequency no longer exist, but a tour “program” is still
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2021 TAHFM Annual Conference

COHAN is coming to Fort Worth for the 2021 TAHFM Annual Conference from August 8th-11th.   Stop by the COHAN booth next to the conference registration table to learn about the NEW COHAN Member Services available to all TAHFM Members. You can also learn about COHAN consulting services that put education, preparation, and resources in the
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